Bangle Tibet


Bangle Tibet
Material: Copper brass white metal

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Bangle Tibet

Material: Copper brass white metal

Bangle length: 17 cm.
Bangle width: 0.9 cm.
Weight: 25 grams

High-quality cuff bangle made of a mix of metals, in a beautiful and unique carved design, with a band of pure copper in the middle.

This bangle, as adjustable, fits almost every wrist and can therefore be worn comfortably by almost everyone

The bangle is handmade by artisans and comes from Patan, Nepal.
The processed metals in this bangle are silver, brass, and copper, according to the Vedic tradition according to their supposed healing properties.
The bangle is made according to ancient rules and traditions, by reciting prayers and blessings for health and well-being. All materials used for this bracelet come from the Himalayas

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Weight 0,025 kg
Dimensions 17 cm


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