Meditation Mala Aakasha


Meditations-Mala Aakasha

Material: Turquoise gemstone, polished

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Meditations-Mala Aakasha

Material: Turquoise gemstone, polished

Thickness: approx. Ø 0.8 cm Length: approx. 80 cm

Weight: 70g

Body: Turquoise is credited with relieving anorexia, bronchitis, tooth infections, pneumonia, sinus infections, fatigue, respiratory diseases, stomach upsets, and back pain and hemorrhoids, as well as regulating thyroid problems.
Mind and soul: From a mental point of view, it should bring motivation, joie de vivre and energy but also protect against attacks, external influences and belief in fate and strengthen self-confidence and self-esteem. In addition, it should reduce nervousness, stuttering and fear of life, as well as help to balance fluctuating moods.
Occurrence: Carnelian is a common mine


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Dimensions 80 cm


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