Ritual Phurba Mahakala


Ritual Phurba Mahakala

Material: copper

Height: approx. 10 cm; Width approx. 1,7 cm

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Ritual Phurba Mahakala

Material: copper

Height: approx. 10 cm, Width approx. 1,7 cm

Weight: 75 grams

The Phurba is a Buddhist ritual object consisting of a three-sided metal dagger or stake. It symbolizes spiritual power and the ability to overcome negative energies. Used in Tibetan Buddhism, the Phurba plays a role in ceremonies, exorcisms, and meditative practices. Its purpose is to dispel negative forces, overcome obstacles, and bestow protective blessings. Buddhist masters consecrate and empower the Phurba through rituals, infusing it with spiritual energy. Adorned with symbolic iconography, the Phurba represents various aspects of Buddhist teachings.

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