Statue Durga


Statue Durga

Material: Bronze


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Statue Durga

Material: Bronze

Height: about 20 cm

Width: about 8 cm

Weight: approx.1,250 grams

Durga is an angry form of Parvati. She is also known as Mahishamardini, who killed the demon Mahisha. It is represented with many arms with a weapon in each hand. Her right foot is carried by her mount, the lion, the left, who is standing on the oppressed demon, her left hand holds the tail of her victim, shoves the trident into the demon’s body, apparently killing him the moment he is nearby to draw his sword for self-defense. She is sometimes shown astride her mount, the four-handed lion holding a sword, a club, a lotus flower and a drought. Your face always stays calm and gentle.


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Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 8 × 20 cm


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