Statue Krishna


Statue Krishna

Material: brass and bronze

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Statue Krishna

Material: brass and bronze

Size: Height: approx. 15 cm

Width: approx. 8 cm

Weight: 830 grams

Krishna is an eightfold incarnation of Vishnu. Krishna was the hero of Mahabharat. He was a soldier, philosopher, and statesman and was admired by the gopinis who looked after the cows. He had destroyed King Kansa, Shishupala, and Kalya, the serpent king. He had established a new philosophy of action in Hinduism known as Geeta. He is considered the most important god and is worshiped by millions of people in India and Nepal. He became the most popular and popular hero of Hindu mythology, the symbol of devotion, love, joy, and music. He usually plays the flute with his wife Radha, or is surrounded by milk girls (gopinis). The devotion between Krishna and his wife Radha symbolized the ideal relationship of love between the soul and God.

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Dimensions 8 × 15 cm


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