Statue Buddha Amitabha


Statue of Buddha Amitabha

Material: Copper

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Statue of Buddha Amitabha

Material: Copper

Height:approx. 20 cm

Width: approx. 14 cm

Depth: approx.10 cm

Weight: 1500 grams

Amitabha is the oldest Buddha among the Dhyani Buddhas. He is said to reside in peaceful meditation in Sukhabati heaven. It has a red color that comes from the red syllable HRIH. He represents the cosmic element of Sanjna (name). His vehicle is a peacock. He demonstrates samadhi mudra with both his palms resting on his lap. He has a lotus as his sign. When depicted on the stupa, always faces west. He is worshiped so that one may obtain salvation. Sometimes he holds a patra in the same posture. Amitabha means “Limitless Light” or Incomprehensible

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Weight 1,500 kg
Dimensions 14 × 20 cm


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