Statue Medicine Buddha


Statue Medicine Buddha

Material: Copper

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Statue Medicine Buddha

Material: Copper

Height: approx.30 cm

Width: approx. 23 cm

Weight: 2,550 grams

(Medicine Buddha) Bhaisajyaguru is known as the Medicine Buddha. He is also called the Healing Buddha. It is said that he gives spiritual medicine when he is worshiped. It is even believed that effective healing can be achieved simply by touching the image. In Tibet he can be represented either as a Buddha or as a Bodhisatwa. As a Buddha he has the urn (small round bulge or protrusion above the bridge of the nose) the fourth higher sign of a Buddha Ushnisha (A bulged or protrusion in the skull of the Buddha the first superior sign of a Buddha) short and curly hair. He wears a monastery robe and sits cross-legged. His left hand, which lies in his lap in the meditation mudra, normally holds the medicine bowl, while the right hand in charity mudra either holds a branch with fruit or the fruit of myrobalan alone as a medicinal plant in India and other tropical countries


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Weight 2,550 kg
Dimensions 23 × 30 cm


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