Statue Buddha Sakyamuni


Statue Buddha Sakyamuni

Material: Bronze

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Statue Buddha Sakyamuni

Material: Bronze

Height: approx. 21 cm

Width: approx. 16 cm

Weight: 1300 g

Buddha Sakyamuni is the next most important among Dhyani Buddhas. He is considered the second Dhyani Buddha by Nepalese Buddhists. Buddha Sakyamuni comes from the blue syllable Hum. It is two-armed and one-sided and shows the Bushuparsa (earth-touching) mudra, which means to call the earth a witness and to sit in the Vajraparyanka pose. It represents the original cosmic element of Vijnana (consciousness). When it is depicted in the stupa, it always faces east. His left hand rests on his lap while his right hand rests on his right knee, the tip of his middle finger touching the floor with his palm pulled inward.

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Weight 1,300 kg
Dimensions 16 × 21 cm


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