Statue Tibet Mahakala


Statue Tibet Mahakala

Material; copper


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Statue Tibet Mahakala

Material; copper

Height; approx. 8,5 cm.

Width: approx. 5,5 cm.

Weight; 95 grams

This statue a unique handmade in the traditional way of copper and gold-plated place of manufacture is the Himalayan region of Tibet. Each of these statues differs from all the others by various small differences, but all have in common that they are made with love


There are a number of Hindu findings in the Buddhist pantheon. Mahakala is one of the Hindu investigations of the Brahma group. He is one of the eight terrible deities of the Buddhist pantheon, with snake adornments, canine teeth, protruding bells and tiger skin. It is dark blue. He carries Trisula and Kapala in his two hands. It can have one face with two, four or six arms or eight faces with sixteen arms. As the defender of the law, he is usually placed in a prominent position at the entrance doors of Buddhist shrines.

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Weight 0,095 kg
Dimensions 5,5 × 8,5 cm


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