Statue Padma Sambhav / Guru Rimphoche


Statue Padma Sambhav / Guru Rimphoche

Material: copper, gold-plated

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Statue Padma Sambhav / Guru Rimphoche

Material: copper, gold-plated

Height: approx. 13 cm

Width: approx. 9 cm

Weight: 430 grams

Padma Sambhav was a famous and very learned Tantric saint from northern India. In the mid-eighth century, the Tibetan king Thi-Siron Detsan sent to India and invited the learned guru to come to Tibet. Padma Sambhav was known for his knowledge of tantras and their effective use. He stayed in Tibet for 50 years, founded monasteries and taught tantra. He is said to have subjugated all evil gods in Tibet and only spared those who converted to Buddhism and promised to be defenders (Dharmapala) of the teaching. Padmasambhav. in turn promised to enroll them in the Mahayana Pantheon. He claimed to have received from the Dakini the books from which he had acquired his wondrous power. At the end of fifty years, the Padma Sambhav miraculously disappeared. Padmasambhav is shown sitting on a lotus asana, the legs are closed, the right hand holds the vajra and the left is in his lap, the patra. He holds his special symbol, the Khatvanga with his left arm pressed against his chest.


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Dimensions 9 × 13 cm


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