Statue Vajrasatwo


Statue Vajrasatwo, the Diamond Spirit Buddha

Material: copper, partly gold-plated



Statue Vajrasatwo

Material: copper, partly gold-plated

Height: approx. 14 cm

Width: approx. 10 cm cm

Weight: 538 gr.

Vajrasatwo, the sixth Dhyani Buddha, is regarded by the Nepali Buddhist as the priest of the Five Dhyani Buddha. It is not represented in the stupa like other Dhyani Buddhas, but many shrines are dedicated to its worship. His worship is always done in secret and is not open to those who are not privy to the secrets of Vajrayana. Vajrasatwo is represented in two forms, alone and as “yabyum”

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Dimensions 10 × 14 cm


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