Thangka Kuber Shakti


Thangka Kuber Shakti

Hand-painted on canvas

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Thangka Kuber Shakti

Hand-painted on canvas

Size: approx. ca. 98 x 88 cm

Size interior image ca. 82 x 60 cm


The lord of wealth and guardian of the Northern Direction. According to Hindu mythology, he is said ti have performed austerities for a thousand years, in regard to which Bramha gave immortality and made him the god of wealth, guardian of all the treasure of the earth which he has to distribute according to the destiny of the receivers. Kuber’s dwelling place was said to be on Alaka in the Himalayas, abounding in wealth and magnificent. Kuber is also worshipped by Buddhists.

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Dimensions 88 × 98 cm


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