Thangka Tibet Mahakala


Thangka Tibet Mahakala

Hand-painted on canvas

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Thangka Tibet Mahakala

Hand-painted on canvas

Size: approx. 125 x 85 cm

Size interior image ca. 45 x 62 cm

Weight: 2000 gr.


There are a number of Hindu finds in the Buddhist pantheon. Mahakala is one of the Brahma group’s Hindu investigations. He is one of the eight terrible deities of the Buddhist pantheon, with snake decorations, canines, protruding bells, and tiger skin. It is dark blue. He carries Trisula and Kapala in his two hands. It can have a face with two, four, or six arms or eight faces with sixteen arms. As a defender of the law, he is usually placed in a significant position on the front doors of Buddhist shrines.


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Weight 2,000 kg
Dimensions 85 × 125 cm


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