Thangka Mandala Sri Yantra


Thangka Mandala Om mani padme hum

Hand painted in canvas

Size: approx. 92 x approx. 71 cm

Sri Yantra

Yantra is a nucleaus of the visible and knowable, a linked diagram of lines by means of which visualized energies are concentrated. There are different kinds of Yantras and Sri Yantra is the Great Yantra. Other lesser yantras (Om yantra, Kali yantras etc.) are obviously segments out of the all embracing Sri yantra. Yantras may be made in permanent form of many substances. The Most important is rock crystal. Its clear colourless substance which can be shaped so as to focus light at its apex ‘in a very good emblem for the all, inclusive substance of fundamental reality just as colourless light includes all the possible colours of light. So crystal can serve as analogy for the substance which includes all substance.



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Thangka Mandala Sri Yantra

Hand painted in canvas

Size: approx. 75 x approx. 64 cm

Size interior image: approx. 25 x 25 cm


A (Buddhist) thangka, loosely translated “something rollable”, or something “to roll”, is painted with opaque colors.

Cotton or silk fabric, often with ornate borders and sub-fabrics.
As a rule, wooden struts are used on the upper and lower edge, often with decorative buttons and two long ribbons.
Thangkas are used for Buddhist meditation, at home, during parades but also in temples and processions.
Mostly deities, lamas, Buddhas, or Bodhisattvas are represented,
also the wheel of life or other symbols of Buddhism.

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