Tibetan Incense White Lotus


Tibetan Incense White Lotus
Net weight 50 grams

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Tibetan Incense White Lotus
Net weight 50 grams

Our incense sticks are manufactured according to traditional recipes, usually up to five and thirty different aromatic plants and herbs are mixed together one third at a time. Incense sticks are lit for spiritual cleansing but also for calming purposes

Tibetan White Lotus Incense is said to stimulate the Kundalini energy, which is coiled like a sleeping snake at the base of the spine. This energy can be awakened and illuminated through yogic disciplines and meditations that no wind has ever disturbed. Lotus is also considered a concentration-enhancing, anti-allergic and antispasmodic agent. Completely harmless for inhalation and the environment. Each pack contains 30 sticks with an incense holder. Each stick burns for approximately 60 minutes.

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