Astamangla The Eight Auspicious Symbols


Astamangla The Eight Auspicious Symbols

Material: brocade fabric

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Astamangla The Eight Auspicious Symbols

Material: brocade fabric

Height: approx. 95 cm; Width: approx. 16 cm

Weight: 110g

– The precious umbrella should protect against all evil and every bad one
hold off influence
– The golden fish symbolize beings emerging from the ocean of
earthly life to be saved and growth and fruitfulness
to embody
– The vase of greatest treasures or the water jar contains the nectar
long life
– The lotus flower is a symbol of the purity and triumph of
immaculate being of man over the mud of the world,
symbolizes universal compassion and unity of spirit and of
– The white shell is a lucky symbol, like our shamrock, right-turning
Shell is very rare to find, Shell proclaims universally
– The knot of eternity or endless knot symbolizes the
Eternity, and also infinite love and harmony and signs
inexhaustible spiritual wealth
– The victory flag means the victory of the Buddhist teachings over non-being
and ignorance
– The golden wheel with eight spokes stands for the noble eightfold
path of the Buddha’s teachings and admonishes the observance of the religious law

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Dimensions 16 × 95 cm


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