Dorje Tibet


Dorje Tibet
Material: Bronze casting

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Dorje Tibet
Material: Bronze casting
Height: approx. 2.8 cm, Length: approx. 11 cm
Weight: 120 grams

Vajra means “diamond” or “lightning” in Sanskrit and is an important symbol and ritual instrument in Hinduism and Buddhism, Vajrayana (“Voie Dele de Diamant”) is the origin for the name Vajra.
The Tibetan Dorje represents indestructibility, but also the effectiveness to overcome all obstacles. Symbolically, the Dorje Vajra destroys ignorance. In Tibetan Buddhist rituals, Vajra, then often represented with the bell, serves to represent the masculine and the feminine, Ying and Yang, but also compassion.


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Weight 0,120 kg
Dimensions 11 × 2 cm


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