Bangle Nepal Onex


Bangle Nepal Onex

Bangle length: 17 cm

Bangle width: 1.1 cm

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Bangle Nepal Onex

Bangle length: 17 cm

Bangle width: 1.5 cm

Weight: 15 g.

A snazzy, large bracelet in Eastern style, decorated with delicate, filigree metal decorations.
The bracelet is a flat, open circle that can be easily adjusted on the wrist until it fits best. The metal ornaments are motifs from the plant world, adorned with flat dots and twisted metal mesh. The simplicity of the metal is interspersed with complementary colors.

This bracelet is a perfect everyday accessory, but can also be worn as part of your evening wear.

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All of these items come from Nepal and, because they are handmade, do not have the perfection of machine-made products.

Body: The onyx is said to relieve asthma attacks, strengthen the nerves and sensitize all the senses and perception in general. The onyx is said to be beneficial for watery eyes and poor eyesight, as well as for diseases of the inner ear, hearing noise and sudden hearing loss. Also alleviate circulatory disorders, fever, acidified stomach, diabetes, kidney problems and poor scar and wound healing. Onyx is also said to promote the growth of skin and nails.
Mind and soul: The onyx should provide recognition and satisfaction if a good result has been achieved through inner compilation and willpower. Especially with grief, fears and melancholy and fears, the Onyx promotes self-confidence and assertiveness and should improve concentration and logical-analytical thinking, without the self-control and deliberate suffering.
Occurrence: The onyx is a rather rare mineral

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Dimensions 17 × 1 cm


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