Thangka Buddha Amitabha


Thangka Buddha Amitabha

Hand-painted on canvas




Thangka Buddha Amitabha

Hand-painted on canvas

Size: approx. H 82 x B 62 cm

Size interior image: approx. H 34 x B 24 cm

Buddha Amitabha is the oldest Buddha among the Dhyani Buddhas. He said that he should live in peaceful meditation in Sukhabati heaven. It has a red color that comes from the red syllable HRIH. It represents the cosmic element of Sanjna (name). His vehicle is a peacock. He shows Samadhi Mudra with his two palms lying on his lap. He has a lotus as his sign. When depicted at the stupa, it always faces the west. He is worshiped for salvation. Sometimes you hold a patra in the same position. Amitabha means “limitless light” or incomprehensible.

A (Buddhist) thangka, loosely translated as “something rollable”, or something “to roll”, is painted with opaque colors on cotton or silk fabric, often with ornate borders and sub-fabrics. As a rule, wooden struts are used on the upper and lower edge, often with decorative buttons and two long ribbons. Thangkas are used for Buddhist meditation, at home, during parades, and also in temples and processions. Mostly deities, lamas, Buddhas, or Bodhisattvas are represented, also the wheel of life or other symbols of Buddhism.

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Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 62 × 82 cm


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