Tibet Thanka Kalachakra


Tibet Thanka Kalachakra

Handpainted canvas

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Tibet Thanka Kalachakra

Handpainted canvas

Size: approx. 140 x 94 cm

Interior image size about 70 x 56 cm.

Weight: ca. 2000 gr.


Kalachakra He is a tutelary deity contained in the yidam. He turns the wheel of life. It is most popular in Tibet and is the name of one of the sections of the Kangyur, a Tibetan sacred book. Iconographically he is represented as having four heads, each with a third eye. He is either 12 or 24 hands but has 2 legs. Its color is dark blue and its body is covered with a tiger’s fur. He wears a girdle of vajras. He stands on two prostrating demons with 4 arms.

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Weight 2,000 kg
Dimensions 67 × 124 cm


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