Thangka Tibet Vajra Jogini


Thangka Tibet Vajra Jogini

Hand-painted on canvas

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Thangka Tibet Vajra Jogini

Hand-painted on canvas

Size: about 140*90cm

Interior image size: approx. 77 x 52 cm

Vajra Jogini is an important and popular goddess. It has three forms and corresponds to two different types that differ from each other. She stands in Alidha’s posture, she rides the corpse. She is naked and has three red eyes and a rounded pucker. brows, belly, and tongue. She carries the kapala in her left hand and the Kartika (cleaver) in her right. The chaturanga hangs from her left shoulder. This form of Vajrajogini is in many ways similar to the form of Nairatma and Bajravarahi.

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Dimensions 140 × 90 cm


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