Thangka Tibet Buddha Maitreya


Thangka Tibetan Buddha Maitreya

Hand-painted on canvas

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Thangka Tibetan Buddha Maitreya

Hand-painted on canvas

Size: approx. 124 x 82 cm

Inner image size: approx. 63.5 x 43.5 cm


The Maitreya Budha is a future Buddha expected to come to earth on Tusita Heaven. He is said to spend the life of a Bothisatwa in the preparation of the Tusisita Heaven so that he descends into the earth to him. It is said that 410 years after the disappearance of Gautam Buddha, he will come to earth for the liberation of all his beings. He is the only Bodhisattva revered by the Hinayana Buddhists and the Maayaists, who depict Maitreya as a decorated standing figure, richly ornamented, and holding the stem of a chorus in his right hand.

Maiseya can also be represented seated as a Buddha, with the legs always folded or hanging down. His color is yellow and his images, son, tear the figs of Dhyani Buddhas.

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Dimensions 124 × 82 cm


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