Cimbal Astamangla


Cimbalom Astamangla

Material: cast bronze

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Cimbal Astamangla

Material: Bronze cast

Size: diameter: Ø approx.7 cm

Weight: 290 grams

Pairs of these cymbals are used in Buddhist temples as well as for demons

exorcise It is said that when the sound of the cymbals reaches its full amplitude, the demons’ brains are split in two.
Smaller of these cymbals are used on the dying to communicate with them. Rooms are also “cleansed” with cymbals where someone has recently died. Cymbals are hung at right angles to produce the correct sounds. Cymbals are also used to relax someone who is hyperventilating while meditating.

The origin of the cymbals is not known, but it is known that cymbals were also made of the seven metals that singing bowls are made of.
Cymbals come in different sizes, each with its own sound. Often they are bare, but there are also many that are richly decorated. Dragons with the eight auspicious signs, the so-called Astamangalas and the Om Mantra, are often depicted.

In Tibetan Buddhist meditation rituals, cymbals are often used for incantations. Buddha in various aspects, a deity or a spirit is invoked with the sounds of cymbals.
Another purpose of cymbals is purification. With the sound of cymbals in all corners of a room, energy tensions are released and the room is “open” and “neutralized” again afterwards.

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