Prayer wheel mantra Astamangla


Prayer wheel mantra Astamangla
Height: approx.21 cm
Width: approx. 45 cm

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Prayer wheel mantra Astamangla
Height: approx.21 cm
Width: approx. 45 cm
Weight: 2.100 grams
It is exclusively a Buddhist prayer instrument which always bears the mystical word “OM MANI PADME HUM” with six syllables in the mantra of Avalokiteswara when it rotates one round, it means reading the mantra, how much mantra is in the wheel is located.
The white parasol, the two fishes, Sankha, Dhavaja, Srivatsam, Kalasa, Padma and Chamaru are Astamangala, also called the eight auspicious, victorious signs. They are often depicted all together or individually in wood, stone, metal and as effigies and are a frequently used motif. These gifts are said to be from celestial beings given to the Buddha Sakyamuni to achieve enlightenment.
The parasol is said to protect against bad temptations, the two fish symbolize salvation from the ocean of misery of worldly existence, the white shell promises the grace of turning to the right and with its humming sound, the proclamation of the victory of the saints. Dhavaja, the banner, symbolizes the victory of Buddhism and Srivatsa, the endless knot or mystical diagram, symbolizes the endless cycle of rebirth.
Kalasa, the vase, the vessel of all spiritual values, also contains the Amrita, the water of immortality. Padma symbolizes purity and Chamaru symbolizes tantric manifestation and is originally made from yak tail hair decorated with silver jewelry. Chamura is used in recitation and for fanning.
These eight auspicious signs are usually displayed during Vrata ceremonies, but also to consecrate buildings. For the famous fire ceremonies, these symbols are depicted on paper, on clothes or on metal.

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