Statue Amitayus Buddha Tibet


Statue Amitayus Buddha Tibet

Material: bronze

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Statue Amitayus Buddha Tibet

Material: bronze

Height: approx.16 cm.
Width:approx. 9,5 cm.
Weight: 600 grams


  • Amitayus is the name that Amitabha used in his sign of the admirer
    that has given longevity. Aparmita can either be a “crowned
    Buddha ”or a“ Bodhisatwa ”and is therefore richly dressed and
    carries the thirteen ornaments. His hair is painted blue and falls to
    either side up to his elbows or are curiously twisted. He
    sits like a Buddha, his hands are on his lap in Dhyana Mudra
    and hold the ambrosia vase, its special emblem. The vase is rich
    decorated and four pearl necklaces fall out of the lid, the sacred
  • Maintaining the long life of the llama is the
    for the ceremonycurious preliminary worship and the demon worship. In the pills
    from buttered dough and ambrosia
    brewed from spirit or beerand are in a skull bowl the big picture of Aparmita

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Weight 0,600 kg
Dimensions 9,5 × 16 cm


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