Statue Dipanker Buddha


Statue Dipanker Buddha

Material: copper, partly gold-plated

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Statue Dipanker Buddha

Material: copper, partly gold-plated

Height: approx. 18 cm.

Weight: 750 grams

Dipankar Buddha is a deity of Maha Yana Buddhism. He is the “Enlightener” and one of the earliest of the many presumed predecessors of Gautama Buddha added as the twenty-fifth. He is said to be from Deepavati, a mythological city. At the time of his birth, many magic lamps (dipa) miraculously manifested, hence he was called Dipankar.

Dipankar Buddha is believed to have lived on earth for 100,000 years. Dipankar Buddha is shown with the right hand in Abhaya Mudra and the left showing the Varada. He sits or stands with the monastic robe dropped over the left shoulder with pleated edges, the lower robe being folded like a flowered skirt.

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Weight 0,750 kg
Dimensions 18 cm


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