Statue Hayagriva Shakti


Statue of Hayagriva Shakti

Material: Copper Gold Plated

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Statue Hayagriva Shakti
Material: copper gold plated
Height: approx.22 cm
width: approx.15.5 cm
Weight: 990 grams

Hayagriva (Tib. Tantra).

Hayagriva is a wrathful incarnation of Avalokiteshvara and is commonly referred to as the “ruff”. He is also a yidam deity in Tantrism and is considered a powerful protector. He destroys evil spirits. As a deity, he has three faces, six arms, and four legs. His body color is red. His right face is white while his left face is green. He wears a tiger’s skin around his waist. The crown consists of 5 skulls and the garland consists of 51 human heads elephant skin, human skin, and unfolded wings of Garuda, the mythical bird. The main attributes in his hands are the lotus, skull cup, noose, sword, ax, and mace. He embraces a blue-colored Shakti (wife) leopard skin and holds a lotus and skull cup. Both stand on a solar disc and trample male and female human bodies under their feet. From the top of the Hayagriva head, just one or three horse heads and this is the key to its easy identification: Hayagriva is very popular in Tibet and Nepal.

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Weight 0,990 kg
Dimensions 15,5 × 22 cm


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