Statue Natraj Shiva


Natraj Shiva

Material: brass

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Statue Natraj Shiva
Material: brass
Height: approx. 16 cm
width: approx. 12 cm
Weight: 350 grams

Natraj Shiva: When tantrism developed in India, the most popular form of Shiva was Natraj Shiva (Lord of Dance) and Bhairav (the terrible aspect). Natraj Shiva is the Nepalese counterpart to the famous Natraj aspect of South India. His cosmic dance represents the eternal flow and the orderly movements of the universe. Shiva’s dance has a symbolic meaning, which shows that all being is transient and the old gives way to the new. Dance is also an act of creation. Shiva dances both in joy and in sadness


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Weight 0,350 kg
Dimensions 12 × 16 cm


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