Statue Vajrapani


Statue Vajrapani

Material: copper, partly gold-plated



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Statue Vajrapani

Material: copper, partly gold-plated

Height: approx.29 cm

Width: approx.22 cm

Weight: 2,500 grams


Vajrapani with the Vajra symbol is the spiritual son of Dhyani Buddha Akshobhya, the ancestor of the Vajra family. His spiritual mother is Mamaki. Vajrapani is also known as the rain god. When the Nagas (snake) appeared before the Buddha to hear his teachings, Vajrapani was tasked by Tathagata to protect them from the attacks of their deadly enemies, the Garudas, by deceiving and fighting the Garudas. Vajrapani took on a shape with a head, wings and claws, just like the Garudas themselves. Vajrapani is therefore considered the protector of the Nagas and the rain god. Buddhists from the north appeal to the rain when rain is needed or when it falls too abundantly. A representation of the Vajrapani is that in Garuda form, which is only one of the many different forms of representation of the Vajrapani. When represented, the Vajrapani stands or sits, usually wearing a lotus with the family symbol of Vajra on it. Sometimes he holds the vajra against his chest with one of his hands.


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Weight 2,500 kg
Dimensions 22 × 29 cm


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