Thangka Tibet Padma – Heruka


Thangka Tibetan Padma-Heruka

Hand-painted on canvas

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Thangka Tibetan Padma-Heruka
Hand-painted on canvas
Size: approx. 155 x approx. 99 cm
Inside picture size: approx. 91 x approx. 60 cm

Padma-Heruka is a term used in Hindu and Buddhist tantras to refer to the concept of “precious lotus”. The concept has deep spiritual and philosophical implications and has been the subject of research and reflection by scientists and practitioners for centuries. At its core, Padma-Heruka is a metaphor for the union of two seemingly opposing aspects of the human experience: the lotus flower, which represents the feminine, receptive, and creative aspects. of consciousness, and the jewel, representing masculinity, dynamism, and penetration. face. awareness. In the tantric tradition, the lotus is often associated with the body and emotions, while the gemstone is often associated with the mind and wisdom. According to tantric philosophy, the lotus and the jewel are not separate entities, but two aspects of the same reality. So the aim of spiritual practice is to combine these two aspects into a harmonious whole. This is done through various practices such as meditation, visualization, and rituals.
One of the important aspects of Padma-Heruka is the idea of ​​transformation. In the tantric tradition, transformation is considered a fundamental aspect of spiritual development. Through transformation, a person is able to overcome their limited ego identity and connect with a deeper and broader aspect of who they are. This process involves a radical change in perception as the person begins to see himself and the world around him in a new light.
Another important aspect of Padma-Heruka is the idea of ​​non-duality. In the tantric tradition, non-dualism is considered the ultimate reality, beyond all dualistic notions of good and evil, good and evil, self and others. Through the practice of Padma-Heruka, one can experience this non-dual reality and overcome the limitations of ego. In summary, Padma-Heruka is a very important concept in the Hindu and Buddhist Tantric traditions. It represents the union of the feminine and masculine aspects of consciousness, the transforming power of spiritual practice, and the ultimate reality of non-duality. For those interested in exploring the depths of spiritual practice, Padma Heruka offers a rich and inspiring path.

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Dimensions 155 × 99 cm


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