Thangka Tibet Rahula


Thangka Tibet Rahula
Hand-painted on canvas

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Thangka Tibet Rahula
Hand-painted on canvas
Size: approx. 110 x approx. 90 cm
Inside picture size: approx. 55 x approx. 41 cm

Rahula was an important figure in the early history of Buddhism and is often remembered as the son of the Buddha himself. However, Rahula was more than just a family relationship with the Buddha; He was also an important student and an independent example of Buddhist teachings. As the child of the Buddha, Rahula was born into a privileged position. However, his birth was not without problems. According to tradition, Rahula’s mother, Princess Yasodhara, was heartbroken when her husband Siddhartha left her to pursue a spiritual life. When Rahula was born, she named him after the Sanskrit word for “chain” or “chain”, as a symbol of the pain and suffering she had gone through. Despite a difficult beginning in life, Rahula became a great devotee of the Buddha’s teachings.
One of the key aspects of Rahula’s personality is his dedication to the practice of mindfulness. Mindfulness is one of the main principles of Buddhism and focusing on the present moment without judgment or attachment. Rahula is known for her ability to develop this trait and is said to have regularly monitored her thoughts, words, and actions. Another important aspect of Rahula’s personality is her willingness to question authority. According to tradition, Rahula once asked the Buddha, “Is it possible for a monk who does not see or hear the Dharma not to make any progress?” The Buddha replied, “Bhikkhus who do not see or hear the Dharma cannot make any progress make.” Then Rahula asked, “What if you see the Dharma but do not hear it?” The Buddha replied, “He can progress by seeing the Dharma.” Rahula was willing to challenge the Buddha’s authority, thus demonstrating his independent spirit and commitment to the self-understanding of his teachings. Finally, Rahula will also be remembered for her compassion and dedication to the good of others. According to tradition, Rahula once said: “I know no one who is as compassionate as the Buddha.” Thus, Rahula was an important figure in the early history of Buddhism and will be remembered for his mindfulness, willingness to question authority, and compassion. As a disciple of the Buddha, he was an exemplary teaching and his legacy continues to inspire Buddhists around the world.

A Thangka is a traditional Tibetan patterned or rolled fabric that often depicts Buddhist motifs and characters.
Thangkas are often handmade by Buddhist artisans and serve as visual aids for meditation and prayer. They are often highly detailed and colorful and may depict various Buddhist deities, deities, and saints. A Thangka can also depict scenes from the life of the Buddha, historical events, or mandalas. Thangkas are often hung in temples and monasteries and are the center of spiritual activities. They can also be sold as gifts or souvenirs. When using a thangka, the viewer is meant to focus on the figure or scene being portrayed for deeper understanding and spiritual practice.

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