Thangka Tibet Tantric Hevajra und Nairatna


Thangka Tibet Tantric Hevajra and Nairatna
Hand-painted on canvas

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Thangka Tibet Tantric Hevajra and Nairatna

Hand-painted on canvas

Size: approx. 90 x 138 cm

Inside picture size: approx. 76 x 51 cm

Hevajra is a tantric Buddhist deity particularly prominent in the traditions of Tibetan Buddhism. Often depicted as a fierce, blue, many-armed deity, he is associated with the practice of Hevajra Tantra, a text considered one of the most important tantric texts in the Tibetan Buddhist tradition.

The Hevajra Tantra describes Hevajra as a deity representing the ultimate nature of reality and embodying the union of wisdom and compassion. He is said to have the power to transform negative emotions and experiences into positive ones and to help practitioners overcome their attachments and delusions to attain enlightenment.

Nairatna, on the other hand, is a term used in the Vajrayana Buddhist tradition to refer to the “nine jewels” or “nine precious things” considered essential to the practice of Tantric Buddhism. These nine jewels include:

The precious Guru who is the embodiment of Buddha’s wisdom and compassion
The precious mandala depicting the enlightened universe and the deities inhabiting it
The precious deity who is the embodiment of the enlightened qualities that practitioners seek to cultivate
The Precious Mudra, a symbolic gesture representing the union of wisdom and compassion
The precious mantra, a sacred sound or phrase used to invoke the power of deity
The precious scripture containing the teachings and practices of Tantric Buddhism
The precious samaya which is the bond of trust and commitment between the practitioner and the guru
The Precious Dakini, a female deity associated with the transformative power of wisdom and compassion
The Precious Sacrifice, which is a symbolic offering of one’s body, speech, and mind to the Deity in order to cultivate the enlightened qualities that the Deity represents

These nine jewels are considered the essential components of tantric practice and are believed to be able to lead practitioners to enlightenment.

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