Statue Weisse Tara


Statue White Tara

Material: copper partially gold-plated

Delivery time: 2 bis 3 Tage

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Statue White Tara

Material: copper partially gold-plated

Height: 30 cm

Width: 19 cm

Weight: 2.350 g


Tara is the female deity of the Buddhist pantheon. White Tara was born from a tear of Boddhisatwa, the compassionate Avalokiteswora. She has a very prominent position in Tibet and Nepal. Tara is supposed to protect people as they cross the ocean of existence. The White Tara is considered the wife of Avalokiteswara, sometimes that of Vairochana. She is usually shown seated, dressed, and crowned like a bodhisattva. Sometimes it is considered Saptalochana or the Tara with seven eyes, with additional eyes on the forehead, the palm, and on the feet. It adorns a lotus flower on one or both of her shoulders. Your sitting position is the full vajra posture. Your right hand will be in an advantageous posture, your left hand in a teaching gesture holding the lotus juice. She wears all kinds of precious ornaments and looks beautiful. The practice of white tare is basically carried out to prolong life but also for healing purposes.

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Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 19 × 30 cm
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